Jason Quinn Malott

The world is written first . . .


Title: Far Nineteen

Status: Complete draft, available.

Word Count: 122,521


There are secrets buried all over the city of Nedohana and it seems they all have something to do with two families; the Haydens and Wilcos. For years, Emmett Hayden has told anyone who will listen that his twin brother, Walter, was murdered by their closest friend, John Wilco, and hidden in the Chrysler Imperial time capsule their fathers, Hannibal and Connor, buried in 1960. When the time capsule is opened in June 2010 and Walter’s remains are found inside, it seems as if Emmett’s story has been proven true. But John Wilco, in town for the first time in fifty years, insists he’s innocent and Emmett’s ex-wife, Ella, is his alibi. The shock at Walter being found in the car sends the ninety year old Hannibal Hayden on a quixotic mission to unearth another of Nedohana’s buried secrets: the mass graves of African Americans missing since the Booker Heights War in 1936. As the aged Hannibal hides in abandoned bomb shelters during the day and, at night, with the help of John’s Uncle Frederick, a young boy named Jayvon, and the city’s ghosts, he digs in the vast, haunted park where Booker Heights once stood. As the Haydens and Wilcos search for the old men, they must also wrestle with the mystery of Walter’s death and the personal, social, and racial conflicts that sparked the half century of silence and distance between these once close-knit families.